Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bible Forum Posts I: Theology Online - Religion

Just a sample of Nazaroo's threads from the last 20 pages of TOL forums alone:

Drug Dealing and the Bible:

The Hidden Hand of the Unitarians behind the 'modern versions'

Why John 8:1-11 is Authentic

Darkness Coming in which No one can work...More volcanic ash

The KJV doesn't need defending.

Is There Anything Jesus Does Not Know?

Herr Clinton puts Israel's nuclear weapons on chopping block in surprise speech

Nazis under Goebbels invented pedophile slander campaigns

The Modern Intellectual Ghetto of Textual Criticism

Wakeup Time: More Earthquakes in Diverse Places

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland more serious than first thought..

Haiti Quake caused the world's largest jailbreak

Stupid Gaffs in the UBS Greek Text - Haplography

Messing up the Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Stupid Gaffes in the UBS text II: Other Boners

Berkoff on the Authorship of John's Gospel

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