Sunday, May 16, 2010

For the Record: Samples of Political Posts by Naz

Sample of Political issues Nazaroo was moved to comment on since 2006

Fingerprints taken from Homeless in Canada

Rich Arabs torture people then get VIP status in USA

Decision Final: Israelis WILL nuke Iran - USA Neocons willng stooges

Bush's racist roots and mental pathology

Fools: Bush has taken power to declare emergency and suspend election in secret bill

Army Report showing no connection between Saddam & Al Qaeda to be suppressed

Americans' Rights go down the Toilet

Iraq War: producing killers and dysfunctional veterans

British fighting hard against Big Brother and winning

2 Soldiers critical of Iraq War suspiciously killed

Unlimited Fuel Source in Saltwater

Bush admits Explosives used in 9/11

Kurdish teenage girl stoned to death

Rumsfeld lied about bone-breaking torture:interrogator

75-100 children disappear per day now in USA

High Treason: Bush ships gold to China

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