Thursday, October 20, 2011

How young girls are lured into prostitution

Young people today are brainwashed and exploited to such a degree that their programmed core values are so distant from those of their own parents as to make them complete strangers.   It is a dangerous development has created a toxic environment for both children and parents.

One of the ways this is achieved is through a constant substitution of meaning for common words.  It results in statements and sentences that sound the same, but have entirely different meanings between generations.

A powerful case of word-meaning substitution is the word "love".  From the early Reformation until the 1930's, the word "love" had a predominantly Christian meaning, elevating it spiritually, and encompassing in it Christian concepts of charity, generosity, compassion, and self-sacrifice

These built-in ideals contributed to everyone's world-view in powerful ways that influenced how people connected to community, how they held themselves responsible for the poor, the misfortunate, the sick and elderly, and how they understood their roles in marriage and parenting.   The Christian ethos and values permeated society so deeply that children easily assimilated commitment to honoring parents, and even basic manners.

Now such ideas are all but eroded, and even unknown to those growing up in a culture saturated by sex and consumption, selfishness and greed, glamour and fashion.   "love" is virtually equated to sexual gratification.  and Christian "love" appears to young people as a strange and irrelevant philosophy.

The methods of those who exploit children and profit from them have become so powerful and sophisticated, that parents are virtually unarmed and helpless to protect their children from the onslaught.

In such an emergency-situation, it is important to examine how the methods were developed, by studying simpler and earlier cases. 

One such case is the "children of God" cult in the USA.   In this cult, which posed falsely as a "Christian" group, young girls were lured away from parents, taught to exploit their own sexuality to bring in more cult-members (males) who would be in turn exploited in other ways, such as being tricked or blackmailed out of money.

Why were young girls so easy to exploit?  How did this group use Christian symbols and words, and subtly alter their meanings to overwhelm those young minds?

A careful examination of the type of teaching and propaganda that the "Children of God" used, and how it has been improved and polished by later groups is very instructive, both as to how they did it and how it can be combated.

The following images and text have been taken from a Swiss group which further exploited the original work of the "Children of God" cult. 

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