Thursday, December 27, 2012

Behavioral Biases 3

(15) Empathy gap - Where people in one state fail to understand people in another state. If you are happy you can't imagine why people would be unhappy. When you are not sexually aroused, you can't understand how you act when you are sexually aroused.

In a similar manner, Evolutionists have no sympathy for ordinary people who have other belief systems and world-views. They make their own goals of the greatest importance in an entirely self-centered and self-oriented manner, trampling afoot whatever is in their path.
Such antisocial behaviour and systemic lack of empathy points toward obsessive aggressive-compulsive behaviours bordering on sociopathic and psychotic illnesses.


(16) Frequency illusion
- Where a word, name or thing you just learned about suddenly appears everywhere. Now that you know what that SAT word means, you see it in so many places!

Evolutionists commit this gaff on a staggering frequency-level, seeing "Natural Selection" everywhere, even where it is blatantly not only not operating by any rational definition, but where other overwhelming forces would negate any chance of its operation.

Just as even ordinary scientists and mathematicians tend to 'over-apply' a new technique, Evolutionists have become a broken-record, endlessly repeating the 'Natural Selection' mantra as if it was a cure-all and panacea for every biological problem that arises.


(17) Galatea Effect - Where people try to succeed because they think they should.

As so often happens in certain areas of science that impose upon politics, religion, and ideology, the Galatea Effect is compelling and often overwhelming in apologetic popular books on "Evolution", the sole purpose of which is to promote an ideological belief-system at the expense of science and reason.

Evolutionists feel they have a 'just cause' that overrides all other causes, even the cause of historical accuracy and scientific truth. All things are bent toward supporting and corroborating even the most absurd aspects of Evolutionary theory. They are 'true believers' in one of the most dangerous ideologies ever artificially constructed.


(18) Halo effect - Where we take one positive attribute of someone and associate it with everything else about that person or thing.

In this vein, we see Evolution propagandists and ideologues held up and venerated in the same way as if they were 'saints' or great heroes of nations.
Its bad enough when rich conquerors and despots make gigantic statues of themselves, or when ordinary people have their real lives re-written to portray them as near-perfect heroes and saints for various causes from Roman Catholicism to Communism.
But these irrational behaviours are wholly inappropriate for scientists and those heralding the cause of accurate reality and historical truth.
Scientists are not heroes, and most people are quite ordinary.
Mimicking religious or despotic behaviours is another sign of unscientific and emotional bias precisely where we want to see it least.


(19) Hard-Easy bias - Where everyone is overconfident on easy problems and not confident enough for hard problems.

Very little should need to be said on this, however our previous analysis of the problem of synthesizing and/or discovering a self-reproducing molecule is quite revealing as to the ridiculous over-optimism and naive unscientific methodology used in supposed experiments said to support theories of Abiogenesis.

(20) Herding - People tend to flock together, especially in difficult or uncertain times

It hardly needs illustrating, that the educational community, many scientific fields, and other political and ideological groups band together in the face of sometimes irrational fear-mongering.

It is sometimes suggested that if people with dissenting views are even allowed to speak, the sky will fall, and all will be enslaved by religious tyrants.

Even Mark Twain would laugh at such scare-stories.

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