Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daniel (pt 3)

Here is the next part of our handy timeline for Daniel and the intertestamental period:

The Period for when the Greek Empire ruled over Palestine
can be conveniently broken up into two sections,
the first in which the Ptolemies ruled it from Egypt,
and the second in which the Seleucids ruled it from Babylon and Syria.

When Antiochus III took over, he confirmed the Jewish right to self-rule
and the practice of their own religion and laws.

When Antiochus the IV pushed a program of Hellenization,
the Jewish people rebelled and under Judah Maccabee ("The Hammer"),
they won their right to practice their religion and Temple worship,
and effectively also won self-rule around 151 B.C.

The Judaean lands remained autonomous from about 150 B.C. to 64 B.C.
under the Hasmodaean Dynasty, until the invasion and occupation of the Romans.

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