Monday, February 16, 2015

Excursion into Daniel (2): Persian Period

After Daniel, Jerusalem and Judaea pass under the rule of Persia,
the Second Empire in Daniel's Vision (i.e., the Silver Torso).

Under this era, three decrees are given, to end the 70 Years of
Babylonian Captivity, and give permission to rebuild the Temple
and restore the walls of Jerusalem.

This era also sees the last of the prophets and Canonical books
accepted finally by Jews and Protestants.

Daniel leaves us with his vision of "Seventy Weeks",
i.e., 490 years, seven times as long a period as
the one prophesied by Jeremiah.

But with the ending of the Babylonian Captivity,
Jeremiah is established as a prophet,
and Daniel, who witnesses the entire Captivity,
becomes his successor.

Other minor prophets pop in for the Temple rebuild and Jerusalem,
but they do not offer the grand visions of future empires like Daniel.

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