Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Good Manuscripts look like

I just had to share this close-up of probably one of the most beautiful manuscripts ever produced in the era of hand-written documents.
It is on display in Portugal.

This is the kind of manuscript one could be excused for being tempted to admire it perhaps too much.   Wouldn't you love to own something like this, rather than the extravagantly printed facsimile of say, Codex Vaticanus? 
I wish they'd offer this in a quality reproduction!

Here's a few more:

 labeled as a Hand-written Bible Manuscript from possibly the 12th century

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Page spread from the Book of Hours (France, late fifteenth century) 
showing the Adoration of the Magi on the left page.

Special Collections Ren mss 006
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Here's a bargain: A 15th century prayerbook with full color illustrations, just sold for a mere 1,500. 

Bloomsbury French Prayerbook

On the other hand, Christie's Auction House wanted some $350,000 for their rare manuscript recently.


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