Saturday, May 28, 2011

Muslim Piracy! -- Royse ripped off

Muslims operating outside of Western borders and ignoring copyrights have continued to steal and pilfer every scientific and scholarly literature the West has produced, and promulgate it on the net and everywhere.

Royse's Stolen Book

The trend and tradition of Eastern and Far Eastern countries sacking Western treasures is not new, but is certainly escalating. 

Muslims have recently engaged in full frontal attacks against every brand of Christianity, using Western Christian research and discovery only to mock and ridicule Western religious values and claims.   The new attacks from Muslims and other extremists are unique in the history of Christendom.

Before these people have even hung out a shingle, they have stolen and uploaded scholarly works still very much in copyright, and the result is that sales of scholarly books simply stagnate, as Muslims give it away free. 

Here is a perfect example of this outrageous theft.  Remember this is not even for personal use, or to promote the sale of Western authors, but to completely sabotage their efforts by robbing them of legitimate benefit from their hard work.

Now Royse's opus 1000 page book, reasonably priced at under $100 (and in these small markets thats a miracle in itself) has been put on the internet by Muslim pirates, bent on undermining Christianity at all costs and by all methods, regardless of their dishonesty and criminal status.

The following new Muslim site, (and we snapshotted their page below) hasn't even got a greeting or legitimate front up yet, but has made available thousands of copyrighted books, bypassing international copyright agreements:

Front Page of Muslim Pirate Operation: click to enlarge
The link is (or was):

which translates to an American host-site.

Here is the link to a downloadable and complete copy of Royse's book, found accidentally by merely googling "Novum Testamentum Graece  (Clarendon, 1870)" (found on Google link-page 6 in my browser):

  1. [PDF]

    Scribal Habits in Early Greek New Testament Papyri

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Clarendon Press, 1935. Novum Testamentum Graece secundum ...... “introduction to the text of the Gospels (1870), privately circulated, and not yet published ...
 So this is Muslim honesty and integrity.



The White Man said...

Those nasty A-rabs. Out there pirating googlebooks.

roguephysicist said...

Google doesn't post the entire book, which would be an infringement of copyright.

Google has posted significant sections for review, which is covered by 'fair use' with permission of the author under international copyright law.

Nazaroo said...

I think in some cases, Google may post too much of a book, resulting in loss of sales for the author.

This is partly a question of degree. How much can you quote someone, shy of reproducing their entire work?

Fair-sized portions of short articles seems more acceptable than reproducing whole books. The only "loss" (providing credit for authorship is given) is the possible loss of a journal's sale of a given back-issue, which would contain perhaps 5 or 10 other articles.

In other words, there are 4 or 9 good reasons to still buy the back-issue, even if you've read an article in its entirety.

Pirated books however, cut directly into an author's livelihood. I can't see how commercial pirating can be approved, even if you grant that people (e.g., poor students) can photostat a book for personal use to save a few dollars.