Monday, May 16, 2011

Revelation for Dummies...

The following simple chart should be helpful in clarifying some points:

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This next diagram shows the more important events in the first 200 years of the Christian era.

Most people date the Book of Revelation as having been composed in the reign of Emperor Nero (because of its apparent ignorance of the destruction of the temple), or in the reign of Emperor Domitian (because the book seems to know too much of the subsequent Roman/Jewish Wars.

Only a handful of conspiracy theorists (such as "MountainMan" in Australia from Internet Infidels) think that the book was composed after that (e.g. in the reign of Constantine, c. 300-340 A.D.), because there are no complete copies of the book older than Codex Alexandrinus (c. late 4th cent./early 5th), and Codex Sinaiticus (dubiously dated at about 350 A.D., but probably 50 years newer, i.e., 390-420 A.D.).

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The White Man said...

Should be 1453.

Nazaroo said...

You are correct, I think.
I was just ballparking the numbers.
Thanks for posting this.