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How Ontario was taken over by Homosexuals (pt 2)

The huge amount of work foisting the Gay Agenda upon Ontario children
did not however prevent Premier Wynne from appointing her brother-in-law
through a phoney homosexual 'marriage' to the top job in EHealth Ontario:

Kathleen Wynne’s brother-in-law named interim head of eHealth Ontario

Apr 15 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s brother-in-law has been named the interim chief executive of eHealth Ontario, a move that raised the hackles of New Democrats at Queen’s Park with a spring election possible.

David Rounthwaite — who has been eHealth’s general counsel for four years — was given the role in a unanimous vote of the agency’s board of directors after interim CEO Ray Hession stepped aside to take care of his ill wife, eHealth spokesman Rob Mitchell said Tuesday.

“He was here long before Kathleen Wynne announced her intentions to run for premier,” Mitchell said of the appointment, which was effective March 7 but not widely publicized or posted on the website of the electronic health records agency.

Rounthwaite, an experienced Bay Street lawyer, is the brother of Wynne’s spouse, Jane Rounthwaite.

David Rounthwaite will remain at his general counsel salary of $210,000 a year while he acts as interim CEO for eHealth.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the appointment brings more attention to eHealth and its troubled past, which includes a spending scandal that saw consultants paid up to $3,000 a day expensing tea and cookies to taxpayers.

“My concern is that the appearance of something inappropriate is not a positive thing.”

Wynne’s minority Liberal administration, under daily attack for deleted emails in the $1.1 billion scandal over cancelled gas plants, is about to bring in a budget requiring NDP support to avoid a spring election.

Rounthwaite is taking the eHealth job while an executive search firm continues looking for a full-time CEO to replace former head Greg Reed, whose departure last June caused a stir because of his $406,250 severance package stemming from a contract approved by former premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet in 2010.

Although Reed earned $325,000 a year, Rounthwaite is staying at his salary of $210,000, said Health Minister Deb Matthews, who told reporters she has known about the appointment for six weeks.

The details of the actual shockingly explicit and unscientific content
of the new Sex Ed Public School Curriculum can be seen in the literature
which has already been handed out experimentally all over Ontario,
WITHOUT permission or knowledge of parents,

by independent Lesbian Radical Feminists and the LBGT 'community',
knowing that they won't be prosecuted because
Kathleen Wynne is going to make it law soon:

Previous Article on Lesbian Alliance's attack on Children

Caution: sexually suggestive and inappropriate content of "educational" pamphlets for evidence. 

No story of how Ontario fell into the hands of homosexuals would be complete
without a quick recounting of the beginnings, circa 1981 to be accurate:

Canada's "bawdy-house" law, under which the charges in this raid were laid, has never been repealed, but has only rarely been applied against gay establishments since the trials connected to the 1981 raids ended.[1]

The pro-homo version of events can be found here:

Gay people were not new to discrimination in 1975 when Montreal police raided that city’s Sauna Aquarius. But that is really where the story of the 1981 bathhouse riots starts. For at least the next six years, police in various cities across the country steadily increased their harassment of the gay press and gay men in gay spaces.

Gay people had, of course, previously fought police harassment, but the events in Toronto in the first half of 1981 were watershed for the liberation movement in Canada. The activist chops refined then equipped gay people across the country to fight censorship, win partnership and employment rights, demand reasonable treatment from government, face HIV/AIDS, fight homophobic violence and win marriage rights.

If gay people had run for the shadows in 1981, if the found-ins had pleaded guilty, if those who marched on that first cold February night had simply stayed home, Canada would be a very different place for gay people today.

Of course that version of events leaves out some very serious aspects.

(1) There was no "lesbian community" in 1981, and whatever 'gay community'
there was, was a criminal group of perverts hiding from the law.

(2) In the 1980s, it was easy to recruit thousands of disgruntled teens
for the homosexual cause, because they had already been preconditioned
to reject normal moral and ethical values, and mainstream religion,
in favour of "free love" (read: free sex for hyperactive teen boys, stimulated
by Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine and Penthouse).

(3) 99% of the homosexuals (and police targets) were men engaging in
sodomy and luring underage boys to participate in perverse S&M orgies.

(4) The mainstream narrative implies the laws were never changed.
This is blatantly false. What happened was that the police made the
tactical mistake of raiding "The Barracks", an S&M homosexual club
frequented by Toronto lawyers.
The lawyers retaliated by going to war
against the police and the Criminal Code of Canada, and managed to
have the Sodomy Laws struck down, the Obscenity Laws struck down,
and the Indecency Laws struck down, in order to completely destroy
the power of the police to enforce the Criminal Code as it stood.

(5) At the same time, the homosexual lawyers also made two more
changes, forcing same-sex marriage on an unwilling Canadian public,
and also drastically rewriting the "Rape" Law, with one very subtle but
clever change: They substituted "sexual assault" for "rape", without
changing any other part of the Rape law. This suddenly made
thousands of other acts criminally illegal, and at the same time,
imposed the same penalties for those crimes as formerly only applied to
actual rape.

(6) Thus, now the lawyers and extremists, feminist radicals,
and simple criminals could entrap, frame and have arrested and imprisoned
any heterosexual male who dared to act in 'inappropriate' fashion,
and also get convictions for the most outrageous false-accusations
based only on the testimony of a woman or child, coached to
make the accusation.

This was used extensively to destroy mens' lives,
allow disgruntled ex-wives to secure money and vindictively punish
former husbands, taking away rights to access of children etc.

A quick synopsis can be found here:

Toronto Bathhouse Raids

On February 5, 1981, 286 men were arrested in a series of raids on Toronto area bathhouses, the largest mass arrest since the October Crisis, sparking outrage in the Gay and Lesbian community.

The Raids
At approximately 11 p.m. on the night of February 5, Police raided four bathhouses: Club Baths, Romans II Health and Recreation Spa, Richmond Street Health Emporium and the Barracks. The owners were charged with 'keeping a common bawdy-house', and 286 occupants were arrested.

On the night following the raids, several thousand protestors took to downtown streets, blockading a number of intersections. Over the next month, several other demonstrations took place, which culminated in a 'Gay Freedom Rally'' on March 6. This included the involvement of Rev. Brent Hawkes (who had gone on a hunger strike), MP Svend Robinson and noted author Margaret Atwood. Hawkes ended his hunger strike with a promise from the City to launch an investigation into the raids.
The Richmond Street Health Emporium never opened again.

The rally of March 6 was effectively the first street incarnation of what has become known as Toronto Pride Week, Pride week is one of the largest Gay Pride events in the world, with over one million participants annually.

Womens Bathhouse Raids
On September 14, 2000, an Womens bathhouse event, the ***** Palace, was crashed by an all-male squad of the Toronto Police. No arrests or charges were laid at the time, although the Police recorded the names of ten women (mostly organizers of the event) and spent one hour roaming around watching the 300 attendees. The officers were never disciplined.

As can be observed above,
that after thousands of cops resigned or took early retirement
in the face of this and the new Abortion Now Legal changes,
the cops who were left were a shallow bunch of opportunist perverts
who simply used what was left of existing law to
act as voyeurs to observe lesbians engaging in sex.

Shortly after 2000, homosexual men and women
enlisted into the police forces across Canada,
with the result that the police became predominantly homosexual or
bi-sexual, and homo tolerant (it is impossible to get employment
now in any government position without being pro-gay and supporting
gay causes, including 'same sex marriage', 'gay adoption', 'gay education',
and government funded 'pro gay programs' and special benefits for gays.)

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