Saturday, March 14, 2015

Daniel (Pt 13): Destroying the Prophecies of Christ

Its worth underlining the whole point of all this effort by critics.

Its actually a bit of shuffling and handwaving when they say:
"deciding on one [interpretation] doesn't actually matter too much...
Whichever scenario one deems best, the final message is the same: God's eternal kingdom will break down and outlast any and every human kingdom.

This is just some reassuring nonsense to put your defences off.

When they say "it doesn't matter", they really mean it doesn't matter
whether you choose "Emperor No-Pants" or "Emperor Dwarf-Boy".

The main thing is NOT to select the obvious traditional Christian and Jewish
interpretation, because:
...the Roman Empire is outside the historical scope of Daniel. ... equating the legs, feet, and toes with Rome and the ecclesiastical divisions that follow is an attempt to make Daniel fit with Revelation. This reads Revelation back into Daniel."

We'll get to whether Daniel and Revelation connect later.

The point is, Rome must not be identified in any part of Daniel (according to critics).


Look again at the chart:

Two Separate Prophecies in Daniel involve ROME:

(1) The Advent of the Messiah in the 490 years (70 'weeks') of Daniel 9:24.

(2) The Destruction of the Four Empires by the Kingdom made without Hands in Daniel 2:44.

Thus, eliminating Rome and stunting "the scope of Daniel"
completely removes the prophecy of Jesus the Christ's coming (30 A.D.),
and the equally remarkable Victory of Christ's Kingdom in
the Edict of Emperor Constantine (313 A.D.) legalizing Christianity,
and the founding of the Holy Byzantine Empire.

As long as you elminate the support of Daniel for these
two FUNDAMENTAL Events in the history of Christianity,
you can have any interpretation of Daniel you want.

Just remember that according to critics,
its a 'pious forgery' by a lying Jew from 167 B.C.,
a stupendous monument of wishful thinking and fraud for God.

This is what the commentators, critics, scholars, professors, philosophers,
atheists, and secular historians want to sell you
the Jewish and Christian public, on the topic of Daniel.

- Or you can accept the traditional Jewish and Christian understanding of the Book of Daniel as a historical and prophetic book by Daniel the Prophet, preserved in the courts of Babylon, cherished by Jews awaiting
the fulfillment of its prophecies, written around 538 B.C.,
and accepted as Holy Scripture by the two major religions of the world.

These two incredible and accurately timed prophecies
make the real authentic Daniel the Prophet,
the last and greatest Prophet of the Hebrew Bible.

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