Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Daniel (Pt 6): Esther Star of Daniel

Let us on this day of Purim, a festival in honour of God's Salvation
accomplished in Babylon through the bravery of Queen Esther,
look at the remarkable prophetic harmony in God's Plan
for all humankind found in the prophecy of Daniel (chapter 9):

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What is remarkable is the happy coinciding of actually three 490 year periods.

And herein could be an explanation for the somewhat puzzling story in Matthew of the Magi.

For it was Daniel who had indeed saved the Magi (Wise men of Babylon)
from certain destruction at the hands of the violent Emperor.

And having proven himself possessing great wisdom must have instructed
those people in the ways of the LORD as Daniel knew them.

Thus it was Daniel himself who saved the profession of the Magi,
and so it is reasonable to presume their presence in the court
of the Media-Persia a generation or so later, when Esther was born,
and ascended to the Throne of Persia, saving her people from destruction.

In light of this stunning story,
and with the Magi in place and possessing the teachings and prophecies of Daniel,
it is perhaps not so remarkable that they would have retained that knowledge.

Not knowledge of star-gazing, or astrology, which are worthless professions,
but the knowledge of God's Timetable, granted through Daniel.

The birthplace of the Messiah was already known through the prophecy of
Micah 5:2.

Thus, there was no need to physically follow a physical star.
More pertinent for a successful rendevous was the TIMING,
and that was given by Daniel.

Thus the Final Command to rebuild Jerusalem, coinciding with
the recent salvation wrought through Esther, was enough for the Magi
to establish both the PLACE and the TIME of Jesus' birth.

This knowledge would have been kept by the Magi in Babylon and Persia,
until it would have been of use in meeting with, assisting,
and paying homage to the Messiah fortold for half a millenium.

Astronomers and historians have looked unsuccessfully, perhaps in vain,
for astronomical conjunctions, or sightings, but these efforts may
in fact miss the most obvious and important connection of the Magis,
and explain an otherwise inexplicable story which yet must have historical foundation.

I would suggest that the Star was in fact Esther, whose birth would
mark the countdown of 490 years to the birth of Jesus.

This was the Star that the Magi followed, which led them certainly
and accurately to the place AND TIME of the coming of the Messiah.

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