Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bogus Abiogenesis Examined (4)

Remember, we may have needed superhuman miracles to form just one nucleotide useful for life in the last step,
but now the author is going to up the anti by hundreds of orders of magnitude!


To make even one poly nucleotide for a proto-RNA chain, of course we need thousands, millions of perfect mono nucleotides (singles), to string together!.
Every one of them has to be perfect, just as with the first one!
How? How can this insane improbability come about?

Magic mud. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Remember, we HAVE TO end up with long, long, long RNA chains at the end of our process. Its true, it doesn't have to be all at once; it could be a chain built up gradually over millions of years. Of course that requires ANOTHER INSANE MIRACLE: that the chain didn't get cooked, heated, broken, or attached to some poisonous piece of garbage in this hostile lightning-filled, stormy blast furnace of early Earth:

Or, ........... we could have many false starts, break-ups, and reattachments:
But how? Nothing helps except a soup literally chock-full of near-identical miracle mono-nucleotides just suited to proto-life. This is the only intelligent way we can imagine long chains hooking up with more of the same long chains, forming more, longer chains.

If the ridiculous odds aren't hitting you yet, you aren't reading with comprehension. This magic pool of almost pure proto-RNA, mono and poly-nucleotides, all with miraculous properties of balanced percentages and chiralities, very few with poisonous impurities, could only have existed a short time. And therefore, the long chains could not have formed over long times either, for where did the raw materials come from?

We can no longer appeal to "millions of years" style arguments
, because the environments needed are so special and fragile that they couldn't sit around that long, and long times would now be redundant.

So, "POOF!" we got some long pure polynucleotides! WoW!

And we only had to ratchet up the astronomical odds to "Ludicrous Speed".

Ludicrous Speed

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