Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bogus Abiogenesis Examined (7)


It couldn't get more absurd than RNA replicating itself among the lighting storms, but somehow it DID!

Over millions of years, tramping across lava pools, breathing sulphuric gases, and huddling together during Ice Ages, ducking meteor showers in shallow pools, "RNA got more complex".

Step 5: RNA to DNA

Over 100s of millions of years RNA grew more complex.

At this point, somebody should have told old RNA,

Anything that can survive virtually unchanged except for a few atoms, and of course overall length, for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF YEARS,
has Already Won the game of Evolution!

What need to evolve now?
I think RNA has proven it has already evolved itself to perfection!
No need to turn into a horseshoe crab or Diplodon.

Any Supreme Being would have to acknowledge RNA's awesome staying power.

But with age comes near infinite wisdom.
Behind our backs, RNA has become more complex.
Whereas before he was as transparent as superman's disguise,
now he's more like Spiderman, or even Batman.

Who knew?

Brace yourself:

Miracle # 9: RNA morphs into DNA - - - - OUTSIDE THE BODY.


The single-strand became a double-strand and the better-adapted DNA molecule evolved.

One of the differences between RNA and DNA is that DNA needs proteins to replicate itself.
But how?
Our narrator informs us that now as DNA,
the little molecule that could will now depend upon the availability of a whole slew of new compounds, namely proteins!

How is that 'adapting'? How is that "better-adapted"?

Fill in the blanks dear reader:
RNA is obviously now swimming in a protein-rich environment,
in spite of the fact that there is still no Life forms as we know them,
not even a virus!

Where did all the oceans of protein come from?
Duh: magic mud, fool.


Never mind that our RNA had to morph into DNA to survive the seas of protein,
only to starve because there actually was none,
Ta Da!

Amino Acids magically appear on the surface of Magic Mud.
Don't worry scro, they'll get stuck in the montmorillonite TAR PITS,
turn into proteins just in time to
slide up against horny and insatiable DNA, that is just begging for it.

Step 6: Formation of Amino Acids

So where did the first ones come from?
No, there was no need for God:

----- >

A number of experiments using montmorillonite have produced not only amino acids, but long chains of amino acids called polypeptides.

Montmorillonite it turns out, is a natural breeding ground
for all kinds of complex organic chemicals.
Miracle #11: All in the same teapot!

What luck!
It all must have happened on the same barren seabed
or sedimentary layer, all within molecule walking distance.
No need to commute.

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