Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bogus Abiogenesis Examined (5)

Uber-Miracle # 4: Magic Mud!

In the 1980s researchers found that a clay calledmontmorillonite, which was abundant on the primordial seafloor and in hot pools of water on land, is the perfect catalyst for this process.
Mud, a 'catalyst' ?!?! But why quibble over scientific terms and theory,
when we've already allowed for "Ludicrous Miracle mode"?

So why not magic mud?

The 80s were an unusual time, when the whole world was bought out by homosexuals,
and no one yet really believed in the miracle of AIDS.

Ludicrous Miracle # 5: Uber-Magic Mud!

But this isn't ordinary magic mud. Oh no.

Its not just the perfect catalyst for RNA formation,
it also works for Amino Acids and just about everything Abiogeneticists wish for.

Did I mention biologists also did a lot of 'Acid' in the 80s,
and I don't mean Dioxyribonucleic acid either....

As RNA molecules replicated themselves, they shared their environment with other chemicals that thrive in montmorillonite clay.
Are you kidding me? NO. The idiot is really claiming this!

I know:
You're thinking the story just can't get any stupider, ...but it does:

Miracle # 6: Molecules start Evolving!

Somehow the author has gotten his wires crossed,
and thinks life has already begun, and that the
magic rules of Evolution apply equally to DEAD things,
like molecules and compounds!

"Some of these long polynucleotide chains like ribonucleic acid or RNA are able to make copies of themselves. The copies aren't always perfect: mistakes creep in.

But some imperfectly copied molecules would have been better adapted to the environment than others.

These successful molecules continue to replicate and pass on their traits, while weaker or less well adapted molecules would have broken apart."
I couldn't have made this up.
Someone should call Comedy Central.

The molecules are now competing a la Evolutionary mode!
You are witnessing the "Evolutionary Theory of Chemistry"!!!!!

Forget regular Chemistry; now molecules compete like rabbits,
foraging for food, and avoiding predator compounds.

Its the Survival of the Fittest! Only the strongest molecules will survive!

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to pop-scientism,
the stakes have been raised beyond "conspiracy" mode,
to walking talking molecules with a natural penchant for survival:

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