Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bogus Abiogenesis Examined (6)

Miracle #7: Self Replicating Molecules!

Are you kidding me?

RNA and DNA duplicate themselves all alone,
without any life-organisms surrounding them?
Sure, anything's possible now! Get out of our author's way, man.
He's on a roll!
He's in such a hurry, he has to quickly sketch paintshop drawings of sperm-molecules!

As RNA molecules replicated themselves, they shared their environment with other chemicals that thrive in montmorillonite clay.

One group, called lipids, have a natural tendency to clump together, to form spherical structures called mycells.

I know: You're thinking this guy is really one of my troll characters!

A straw-man I created just to take huge crap all over Abiogenesis.

But I kid you not, I promise you, this idiot is NOT one of my
artificially invented foils! He is as real as Ronald McDonald!

Only the USA could produce such a moron out of an alleged educational environment:
In Canada, a man like this would be granted welfare
and encouraged to find work in a gas-station or grocery store.
He could be rehabilitated by shovelling real snow, instead of this.


RNA molecules that attracted these lipids,

would therefore find themselves protected inside a mycell membrane.

Because they were better protected, they better survived and replicated
more successfully.
Won't someone tell this poor idiot that
RNA molecules can't replicate in the wild by themselves?

Read this article carefully:

Artificial Molecule "evolves" in the Lab


There you have the first primitive cells. They looked nothing like the complex cells we have today for a very good reason: Over 3.7 billion years they've evolved.

And of course, these early 'cells' didn't have the advantage of Photoshop,
to improve their cosmetic appearance.


"I'll tackle the subject of evolution in another video"

I think I p*ssed my pants!

I hope evolution is wearing a cup when you tackle it.

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