Saturday, February 16, 2013

Descent Trees of Man

Not put off by getting their hands caught red-handed in the till of making shiite up,
the Evolutionists promptly turned instead back to 'Trees of Descent'.

Of course here once again, the biased projections began to stand out like
a sore thumb against the actual fossil evidences and gaping holes for
the needed 'transitionals':

As the early hominid evidence multiplied,
the picture just became more and more 'complicated',
rather than the expected 'filling in of the blanks'.

That is because the evidence simply didn't fit the Evolutionist picture
being packaged and sold.
It was like having to ram more and more square pegs into round holes:

Even the 'Evolutionary Trees of Descent' started to become
more and more disjointed and disconnected,
leaving the public in a confused state:

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