Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seven Eves....?

Since Evolutionists are clearly incapable
of debating the facts themselves, and seem stuck at the ad hominem level,
it will be very enlightening to ask just where the hypothesis of a "Mitochondrial Eve"
came from.

Glancing back a mere 11 years ago (2001), we had the seminal popularization
of the state of the art in DNA research written by Bryan Sykes,
"The Seven Daughters of Eve" - (2001, Norton Pub.)

Not only the title, but the maps on the inside flaps clearly indicate,
not one single "Ancestral Eve", but actually SEVEN.

The map itself shows where these seven mitochondrial 'text-types'
were traced to, and of course,
NONE of them is in 'Africa',

if we mean by that penetrating that continent any significant distance
from the Mediterranean Coast:

(excerpted for review purposes)

We suppose that Evolutionists would like to convince us that
genetic tree-generating techniques have progressed to such an extent,
that we have already reached the elusive, almost magical
"Mitochondrial Eve", with a certainty so inevitable,
that we can name not only the origin of all modern humans,
but that we can even provide the date they were there.

What a marvelous, no INCREDIBLE coincidence that this geographical pinpoint
completely corroborates the longstanding theories about Early Man that were
merely conjectured from fragmentary evidence originally amounting
to a mere handful of skull fragments,
now known to totally unrepresentative of the real history and extent
of early primates, because of the multitude of subsequent discoveries.

What a FANTASTIC bit of luck in fact,
because HAD investigators into human origins access to current finds,
they would surely have never dared advance such a theory at all.

But now we are in a DOUBLE dilemma,
because in that book, Sykes had ALREADY CLAIMED
'scientists' had already amassed the key GEOGRAPHICAL conclusions
that the data in 2001 indicated.

How then does this diverse group of seven 'trees'
magically coalesce further into a single stem, pinpointed in the heart of Africa?

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