Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seven Eves? (2)

When we jump ahead to the 'latest' maps of human geo-genealogy,
we see the elaboration has continued, and yet somehow has also
largely abandoned the picture given by Sykes in 2001!

What happened?

Well, in part we may notice that in the usual Euro-centric manner,
Sykes' theoretical maps are of course only apparently about white Europeans.

Okay. Fair enough; now that the great white scientists have got that
out of their system, what happened next?
They set about mapping all other 'races' and tribes,
conveniently "earlier" on the tree, and 'not part of the clade'
of the unrealistically separated Europeans.

But enough fretting about potential racism or Eurocentricism skewing
the results: What if they are indeed right?

Do all men descend somehow from early Africans,
that is, from Albino redheads to ancient Chinese and Australian aborigines?

Apparently we don't know!

What a surprise that on key points that are potentially explosively racist,
the Evolutionary 'scientists' are waffling all over the place,
afraid of the backlash.

So even as "scientific precision" was supposedly increasing,
we see the charts becoming more and more nebulous and ambiguous.

Of course those smaller tribes and races without economic significance and clout,
naturally cause no serious controversy (that can be heard at least)...

Now of course we expect that a few details might need filling out or minor correction.

But where actually is all the obscurity, the correction, the ambiguity, the uncertainty,
in the ever-increasing ever corrected versions of these projections?

We see one point in Africa chosen as our origin, then another;
we the Origin of Man jumping whole continents into the Middle East,
and then back again.

We see the direction of migration on branch after branch magically
changing in all the wrong places.

We see different starting points, 'clades' and haplotypes being chosen as "original".

In other words, the scientific data (if there is any),
gets more and more ambiguous, murky and uncertain the
further back we go in the alleged projections.

We find that the very thing Evolutionists have been shouting at us,
in the form of phrases like,
"Most biologists now agree that.." and the now classic
"All scientists agree..."
- namely Man's African Origins,
has turned out disappointingly to be "the Origins of Non-whites", once again.

White men are politely and quietly tucked in at some obscure point in Turkey or Armenia,
while the bulk of the effort has somehow inadvertently drifted back
into the racism of the 1930s.

And we are supposed to nod and say
"Oh yes, its the 21st century,
'scientists' (read "evolutionary biologists") must be right at this point.
They must know what they are doing."

And then the final classic Simon Says phrase of all time is left for us to sheepishly absorb:

"The evidence is overwhelming...".

Yes, sadly the evidence IS overwhelming.
That we've been duped once again by a bunch of clowns, posing as scientists,
letting their big racist kahonas hang in our face,
while we are supposed to quietly acquiesce and take an intellectual teabagging
in the face, because of the 'wonderful color maps.'

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