Thursday, February 21, 2013

Evolution: Wrong

Lets briefly go over the incredible LOGIC FAILS
that Evolutionists like gcthomas succumb to:

(1) On the Non-Existence of Self-Replicating Molecules:

Rather than refute the plain argument and evidence against
the possibility of an INANIMATE object as small as a 200 Nucleotide string
being able to 'magically' reproduce itself from a non-biotic environment,

gcthomas quotes biologists actually using the phrases "replicating",
and "self-replication", along with anthropomorphic language that
attributes motivation to dead chemical objects.

He completely fails to grasp that this is evidence of fraudulent presentation
and unscientific 'magical thinking',
not any kind of evidence for the existence of a 'self-replicating molecule'

(2) On Human and Chimp DNA being allegedly 98% identical

An actual biologist defending evolution quotes another evolutionist-biologist,
admitting that the figures were way off, and that Human and chimp DNA
are NOT even close to 98% identical.

Another geneticist of 15 years experience explains in detail why
Human and Chimp DNA can't be closer than 70% similar.

gcthomas responds that Human and Chimp DNA are actually then 96% identical.

Are we seeing a pattern of inability to comprehend
plain statements, and learn new things?


I just received a copy in the mail today of Dr. Thomas' new book,
"More Than A Monkey: The Human - Chimp DNA Similarity Myth" (2012).

Here's an excerpt from the Introduction:
"While I was aware that very little support existed in the DNA sequence data
for Darwinian macro-evolution, the supposed nearly identical DNA similarity
between human and chimpanzee
as touted by the popular press,
many scientists, and even some professing Christian scientific authorities,
was obviously an issue that needed more scrutiny
and research.

The task at first seemed daunting, but the deeper I delved into studying
the published scientific literature and even performing my own genomic analyses,
the more I realised that the human-chimp DNA similarity data had been grossly filtered,
manipulated, cherry-picked and obfuscated
to meet an academic
gold standard of political correctness originally
set during the 'early days' of bio-technology.

In fact, ... a history of the human-chimp 'nearly identical' DNA paradigm is covered in chapter 1."

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