Monday, May 17, 2010

Nazaroo on

These posts represent several years of debate, assistance and discussion on one of the best Christian forums going on the internet. It was a joy to virtually live and work in this environment while writing many thousands of posts and articles.

Previously Unconsidered Evidence for John 8:1-11

Last 12 Verses of Mark: Part II

The Real meaning of the Wedding at Cana

Gaffs in UBS Greek text (case by case): #1 HAPLOGRAPHY

The True Meaning of "Under the Law" in Paul

Assistance for KJV users - word updates

James (1979) on Jn 8:1-11 and the Death Penalty

Dean Burgon for Dummies! a modern explanation

Jesus Slam-Dunks 19th cent. Biblical Critics - no quarter given!

The REAL Secret Mark: Cracking the Code of the Lukan Omission

Nazaroo on Theology-Web

A Sample of various posts by Nazaroo on Theology Web. Although theology Web is supposed to be a Christian site, it is in fact moderated by such madmen as "MountainMan", who believes that Christianity was invented by Emperor Chrysostom in 310 A.D....

Authenticity of John 8:1-11

Interpretation of John 8:1-11

No "priest" function in NT (other than Jesus)

Ehrman exposed

Debasement of women in Western Media

Remarriage for a Christian

What's So Wrong With Premarital Sex?

Why, exactly, is porn wrong?

Pericope Adultera: why are they still casting stones at her?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nazaroo's Website

Yep, I have my own website, over here at:

I am solely responsible for its content, more or less.


Bible Forum Posts I: Theology Online - Religion

Just a sample of Nazaroo's threads from the last 20 pages of TOL forums alone:

Drug Dealing and the Bible:

The Hidden Hand of the Unitarians behind the 'modern versions'

Why John 8:1-11 is Authentic

Darkness Coming in which No one can work...More volcanic ash

The KJV doesn't need defending.

Is There Anything Jesus Does Not Know?

Herr Clinton puts Israel's nuclear weapons on chopping block in surprise speech

Nazis under Goebbels invented pedophile slander campaigns

The Modern Intellectual Ghetto of Textual Criticism

Wakeup Time: More Earthquakes in Diverse Places

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland more serious than first thought..

Haiti Quake caused the world's largest jailbreak

Stupid Gaffs in the UBS Greek Text - Haplography

Messing up the Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Stupid Gaffes in the UBS text II: Other Boners

Berkoff on the Authorship of John's Gospel

For the Record: Samples of Political Posts by Naz

Sample of Political issues Nazaroo was moved to comment on since 2006

Fingerprints taken from Homeless in Canada

Rich Arabs torture people then get VIP status in USA

Decision Final: Israelis WILL nuke Iran - USA Neocons willng stooges

Bush's racist roots and mental pathology

Fools: Bush has taken power to declare emergency and suspend election in secret bill

Army Report showing no connection between Saddam & Al Qaeda to be suppressed

Americans' Rights go down the Toilet

Iraq War: producing killers and dysfunctional veterans

British fighting hard against Big Brother and winning

2 Soldiers critical of Iraq War suspiciously killed

Unlimited Fuel Source in Saltwater

Bush admits Explosives used in 9/11

Kurdish teenage girl stoned to death

Rumsfeld lied about bone-breaking torture:interrogator

75-100 children disappear per day now in USA

High Treason: Bush ships gold to China

Saturday, May 15, 2010

resurrecting my blog

Back 3 years ago, blogging simply wasn't that exciting.

I've decided that blogging is now popular enough that people (friends and opponents) may well find the time and chance to post their own opinions on the Pericope de Adultera (PA) and other matters.

I look forward to comments, and prospective authors who wish to make notes and sound of on current issues in Textual Criticism and Biblical studies.